Follow these four steps:

Step 1: Development

The first step in the development of an energy project is an initial screening of a piece of land. It has to be evaluated, whether the area is suitable for a renewable energy plant with regards to protected nature, other municipal “designations”, people living close to the area, and possibilities for grid connection. If the screening is positive, we initiate a collaboration with the landowner.

We initiate dialogues with the local community and municipal stakeholders alongside the project development.

UNISON takes care of all matters concerning the project. Among other things, for local plan approvals, authorizations, and financing. Everything with the aim to develop a project which meets requirements and guidelines as well as local wishes in the best possible way.

Step 2: Establishment

The establishment of renewable energy parks is capital intensive, as most of the investment is due at the moment of establishment. Hence, financing, and detailed planning are crucial for the project's success. We utilize our experience and network to ensure an attractive project structure and financial package.

For every purchase, UNISON undertakes the product footprint is taken into account. In our purchasing activities, we particularly focus on SDG 12, concerning responsible consumption and production. UNISON wants to contribute positively to sustainable development, by making sustainable purchases and influencing our suppliers to act accordingly.

We aim to involve the local community from an early project stage to use local suppliers where possible.

Step 3: Construction

The construction phase usually takes around 4-6 months, depending on the size of the project. During the first 2 months, neighboring citizens will experience transport of larger elements to the project area. After that, only smaller vehicles (e.g., vans) will drive within the project area.  

We aim to use prepared access roads to protect the soil as much as possible and to minimize disturbance for the surrounding neighbors. When the park is fully built, there will be minimal maintenance and thus only a few visits during the year.

Step 4: Operation

An energy park has an expected lifetime of 30 years. We are responsible for operations and maintenance during the operational lifetime, ensuring the outmost production of green power.

Stable operations and maintenance are ensured through long-term agreements with service companies specialized in servicing energy plants. When the energy park, after approx. 30 years, has served its purpose, UNISON is obliged to dismantle the plant in order to re-establish the area to its original function.

Are you interested in developing a renewable energy project on your land?