We believe in a future where
renewable energy production
is the norm

Since our foundation, we have focused on becoming the trusted renewable energy partner. Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the green transition by accelerating the availability of clean renewable energy.

In 2021, the EU Commission adopted the European Green Pact, which contains several regulations for how the EU can reduce the net emission of greenhouse gases by at least 55 % by 2030 compared to the 1990 level. Listed companies in the EU are already covered by this new EU Climate Act, whereas small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be covered continuously until 2027.

UNISON is categorized as an SME. Nevertheless, we have already begun the work of achieving a structured management of our initiatives to meet the requirements of the EU Climate Act. Here on this page, we invite you to follow this journey, which will be continuously updated.

Our path to a green future

UNISON is built on a green foundation, as our core business is to develop renewable energy parks producing renewable green energy. We have therefore always been concerned with our social responsibility and want to contribute positively to a sustainable future.

In our upcoming sustainability report, you will be able to read more about our sustainability initiatives, and below you can get insights into our work within the three areas E; Environment, S; Social, and G; Governance.


We are ambitious when it comes to the climate. There is an aspiration in our DNA to be the trusted partner in renewable energy production and to promote the availability of renewable energy solutions.  

We believe that the production of renewable energy and nature can coexist and therefore we adapt each energy project to the surrounding nature and landscape.  

We recognize our obligation and responsibility to recycle the materials and components we install. Therefore, we embrace a circular mindset that strives to break with the idea of a linear value chain and do our utmost to ensure that materials and components are kept in the economic cycle for as long as possible.


We have a social responsibility to all the people with whom we have a direct or indirect working relationship. We believe it is important to create a work environment that embraces, attracts and retains motivated and skilled employees, who we see as our most valuable asset and greatest resources. 

When working with suppliers across borders, we want to do our utmost to create joint action plans, set goals, delegate responsibilities and be available in situations where the supplier needs guidance. 

We believe in listening to and including the local community in all our projects and therefore intend to play an active and present role in the communities where we develop and operate energy parks.


Management (Governance)

For us, it is a fundamental condition that we act and function as a professional, fair, and socially responsible company that conducts our business with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. As developers of green renewable energy, we take our commitment seriously.  

We believe that what we do is a necessity to create a sustainable future where renewable energy is the norm. We work from an accountable approach, which is based on a foundation of integrated processes and is supported by an ambitious Code of Conduct, which gives us a good starting point for having a good dialogue with our suppliers.   

We strive to embed our sustainability initiatives in all corners of our business to give ourselves the best conditions to succeed in our green ambition.

Working for a green transition

Our commitment extends beyond providing renewable energy solutions. We are dedicated to growing our business and energy projects sustainably. Our approach prioritizes social responsibility, initiatives that promote nature, and minimization of environmental impacts, while providing clean and green renewable energy.

As an SME, we are dedicated to scaling up our environmentally and socially responsible business practices together with our suppliers and partners to drive progress on our sustainability initiatives.

Leading to solving the challenges that matter

We support the UN Global Compact and work with corporate social responsibility based on their ten principles for responsible business conduct.

We focus on supporting all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the process of integrating sustainability into our business practices, our sustainability initiatives will build the foundation for how we will work to act as a responsible company that helps create a sustainable future.

Our sustainability initiatives

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UNISON Energy Partners is a Danish company that develops, builds and operates energy projects. We want to be the trusted renewable energy partner that helps businesses and society on the path to green transition.

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We want to help other companies and society achieve their sustainability goals. This means we can make a significant impact on the transition to a future where sustainable energy production is the norm.

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At UNISON, we ensure to adapt the energy project to the surrounding nature. With our initiatives promoting biodiversity, we want our energy projects to create the best conditions in and around the project area, where flora and fauna can unfold.

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