Collaboration is the way to success

UNISON Energy Partners is a Danish company developing, building, and operating renewable energy projects. We want to be the trusted partner in renewable energy, helping companies and society on the way to a green transition.

UNISON was established and is run by a group of experienced renewable energy professionals.About us, you should know that our team consists of dedicated and passionate employees with a deep understanding of the green transition who work hard every day to realize our vision of creating a greener future in Denmark.

Our management team has more than 50 years of combined experience working in the renewable energy sector. By combining our experience and resources, we want to help other companies and society achieve their sustainability goals. In doing so, we want to make a significant impact on the transition to a future where renewable energy production is the norm.

We have entered into a strategic partnership with Palsgaard, a Danish foundation-owned group of companies that shares our belief in a sustainable future. Palsgaard is leading the way in the transition to renewable energy. Palsgaard's production became carbon neutral already in 2018, the first in their industry. Still, Palsgaard continues to advance their sustainability agenda for the benefit of their business and the rest of society. That's why we have partnered with UNISON to help Palsgaard build a solar park of approximately 60 MW.