Biodiversitet skaber naturlig merværdi

Our energy projects consider both local nature interests and the promotion of biodiversity

At UNISON, we ensure to adapt the energy project to the surrounding nature. With our initiatives promoting biodiversity, we want our energy projects to create the best conditions in and around the project area, where flora and fauna can unfold in a new manner. 

An energy park occupies a large land area. This allows us to produce large amounts of renewable energy and at the same time transform a monoculturally cultivated agricultural land into an area with a new natural equilibrium, including different species of plants, animals, and insects.

Why is biodiversity important?

As humans, we need to live in a world being part of a biologically diverse ecosystem. Biodiversity contributes to creating diversity giving our earth vital air, water, and food. Sustainable biodiversity is the basis of life for us humans to exist on earth. In our project development, construction, and operation, we ensure and organize our energy projects to help promote sustainability and biodiversity.

In our project development, construction, and operation, we ensure and organize our energy projects to help promote sustainability and biodiversity.

Biological diversity

We plant hedgerows consisting of shrubs, trees, flowers, and berries to ensure the greatest possible biological diversity.

At UNISON, we plant insect-friendly trees, flowers, herbs, shrubs, and native fruit and berry bushes. The purpose of this is for the insects to pollinate and feed on the plants in the summer, while the local people can harvest berries and fruits in the autumn.

Grazing with sheep

We let sheep graze the areas between the solar panels, which increases the area's absorption of CO2 and supports biodiversity.

At UNISON we are in dialogue with local sheep farmers, who want to let their sheep graze the areas under and between the solar panels. In addition to the actual care of the solar cell area, there are several positive derived effects of letting the area be grazed by sheep. Grazing with sheep can help bind carbon on grass, meadow areas, and the like. In this way, you can increase an area's uptake of CO2 significantly.


Insect hotels and beehives

We place insect hotels and beehives around the project area, for the benefit of the surrounding nature and agriculture. 

In UNISON, we have the option of setting up insect hotels along the lee fence as well as collaborating with local beekeepers who can establish bee boxes in the area. This will help to increase the number of insects in the area and thus benefit the biodiversity in the project area as well as the surrounding landscape.

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