We develop, construct, and operate renewable energy projects


UNISON's vision is to be the trusted partner in renewable energy, helping companies and societies in the transition towards renewable energy.




UNISON's mission is to accelerate the availability of new renewable energy and thus actively contribute to the green transition.



Through local dialogue meetings, consideration of the surrounding landscape, and the best possible implementation of wishes from the nearest neighbors, we work with the following values:

We invite, involve, and we implement



UNISON Energy Partners contributes to a future where renewable energy production is the norm.

UNISON Energy Partners is a Danish company working with developing, constructing, and operating renewable energy projects. UNISON was established by a group of experienced renewable energy professionals. By combining our experience and resources, we want to significantly impact the transition to a future where renewable energy production is the norm.

One of our strongest core values is a dialogue-based approach. We attach great importance to keeping our business partners informed during the different project phases. In the project development phase, citizen involvement, nature promotion, and local anchoring are our top priorities.

Our Core Business

We develop, construct, and operate renewable energy projects

UNISON takes care of all steps in the establishment of a RE-project – from the idea phase until the RE-project is built. 

Construction and Financing:
We take care of all administrative tasks and the sourcing and construction process. We ensure the project implementation of the project with the aim to deliver green electricity to the grid. With our financial experience and strong business relations, we ensure an attractive financial model for our projects.

Operations and Maintenance:
A RE-project has an expected operational lifetime of 30 years. We take care of operations and maintenance required during the operational lifetime of the RE-project and secure a maximum generation of green power. At the end of the operating period, we dismantle the plant and remove all installations.

The Path to an Energy Project

Screening: When selecting areas for our energy projects, great attention is paid to the possibility of adaptation to the existing landscape, existing technical facilities, the neighborhood as well as guidelines from the municipality.

Municipal approval: We handle the municipal process of approval which i.e., consists of ongoing dialogues with relevant stakeholders in the administration and city council, preparation of project descriptions as well as supporting the detailed planning process.

Establishment: After the achievement of the plan approval and building permit, we take care of the entire establishment process – from site preparation, mounting of panels, and technical installations, to connecting to the grid connection.

Operation: After grid connection, we ensure a safe and stable operation of the energy plant including maintenance of the project area.

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Inclusion of new technologies

The transition towards renewable energy production entails technological opportunities as well as challenges. We continuously follow the development of new technologies and assess how we can integrate them into our solutions. The technological opportunities among others include grid balancing, energy storage, and Power-to-X (PtX) technologies. We seek to leverage the technological process to support the deployment of additional renewable production capacity.