We develop, build and operate renewable energy plants

We believe that the local community that will be neighboring a new renewable energy plant must be considered. One of UNISON's core values is to invite dialog and actively involve the local community in project development. Through early dialog, we want to pave the way for a transparent process so that the further design of the project and the future uses in and around the project area create real added value for the surrounding local area.

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Involving the local community

As part of our business model, we take care of every step of the process, from development to operation. Our partnership approach aims to create value for all stakeholders involved in a project. 

We know that renewable energy installations in rural areas often raise concerns and uncertainty among local citizens, which we fully understand. Our experience shows us that a renewable energy project can be associated with many myths and misconceptions, which we wish to dispel. That is why we start the dialog early in the development process. The early dialog aims to develop the project in collaboration with the local community. We invite to public meetings, visit the neighbors to get an insight into the impact and hold meetings with relevant authorities. 

At UNISON, we have good experience of establishing a local working group that can actively participate in further planning and act as a "spokesperson" for the local community. In the further dialog with the local community, we want to find the most suitable solutions for local anchoring of the project. 

We are considerate of the local landscape

When we develop a project area, we pay close attention to nature conservation, landscape and nature designations and the neighboring situation. We strive to gather homogeneous areas, preferably near other technical facilities and near a transformer station.

In and around the project area, we aim to utilize opportunities for recreational interests such as orchards, areas planned for the promotion of biodiversity, and areas with tables and benches, giving the local community accessible areas in nature. A windbreak will be planted around the project area, which in the long term, after it has fully grown, will shield the energy project. A fence of bushes and trees will be planted around the project area. The fence will after it is fully grown decrease the visibility of the energy project. The hedge fence will contain local plant sorts and plants in line with the rest of the landscape. Protected areas, such as lakes, bogs, or areas designated for animal protection are kept free of technical installations.

We place great emphasis on promoting biodiversity. With these measures, the renewable energy plants have multiple functions - green energy production, promotion of biodiversity for the benefit of flora and fauna, and local added value.

We strive for a local anchoring of our projects

In our opinion, the interest of the local community neighboring a new renewable energy project must be met.
This can be in the form of the following examples of local anchoring measures:

In addition to the above examples of voluntary initiatives, a number of statutory schemes (Green Pool/Grøn Pulje, RE bonus/VE-Bonus and the Value Loss and Sales Option Scheme) are included in connection with the establishment of a RE project.