UNISON works for a sustainable green transition

We work to expand the availability of renewable energy and therefore take our social responsibility seriously. We believe this is a necessity for us as a society to look towards a future with more affordable and renewable energy.

At UNISON we are passionate about the green transition and our dedication is summarized in our values, which form the framework and foundation for how we work on a daily basis and thus do our part to make renewable energy the preferred energy source of the future. 


Our core values provide the framework for our work


We remain committed to our cause, curious about new perspectives that form the basis for fostering a dynamic culture that drives us forward in seeking to learn and adapt to our environment.


We shape a diverse work environment where people feel safe, valued and empowered because we value individual contributions as it cultivates a stronger professional community.


We believe in the added value of partnerships, by joining forces the synergy expands and the collaboration becomes mutually beneficial for all parties involved.


We speak openly and honestly and always act with integrity to contribute to a workplace culture built on accountability, trust, respect and shared commitment.


We align our actions with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and use them to guide everything we do. We know that it not only benefits people, nature and the planet, but also the long-term resilience of the business.